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"The Surgeon's House " was inaugurated on 7 December 2007. The important archaeological complex, situated in Piazza Ferrari, was discovered in 1989 and presented to the city of Rimini after 18 years of excavation and conservation activities.

The archaeological area covering more than 700 square metres includes many different building elements, among which the most interesting is the so-called Surgeon's House (Domus) . This was a residential building of the roman period , built during the second half of the 2nd century A.D.

Other finds of great archaeological interest were unearthed: remains of buildings dating probably to the Late Republic period, traces of an Early Medieval settlement as well as a burial ground. The complex provide us with an exceptional example of historical and urban stratification.

With a great deal of care and patience, the archaeologists of Rimini, lead by Jacopo Ortalli, Director in charge of the excavations, have brought to light a singular historical patrimony.

The two-storey Surgeon's House, was situated directly on the Adriatic seacoast, which at that time , was more than 1 km further inland than in the present day.
The large number of unearthed remains and mosaics are of great interest. Well preserved, the remains have allowed a true reconstruction of the House, its owner and its long and fascinating history.

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